Our company offers fast service to all of Oakland County. Any city, anytime. No office visit needed. We will meet you at the Oakland County Jail or the city your individual is in. We will do our best to meet or beat any prices or collateral requirements that you may have been quoted.

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When you are caught up in a place where you are in custody, what you need is a profession bail bond company in Oakland County. Here at Oakland County Bail Bonds, we have experienced and licensed professionals who are on standby to help you out. If you or your loved one are in such a situation, we know that it can be quite a trying moment, Instead of losing your calm, trying to figure out what to do, sit back and let us handle this situation.

We will walk with you and take you through every process such that you get out of custody before you know it. We have so many flexible payment options, but all in all, the most important thing is to get you out first then the other issues will follow. Even if you do not have collateral, do not hesitate to contact us. We have expanded our bail bonds services to Novi , Pontiac, Farmington hills and the other parts of Oakland County.

Why Pontiac Bail Bonds

Our licensed bondsman are trained to get you the personalized service with complete bonding information and the lowest possible price!

Over 90% of our bonds do not require collateral. We offer interest free payment plans available for most bonds, even without collateral. We provide fast, stress free service to all of Oakland County and southeastern Michigan jails!

  • No office visits. We meet you right at the jail!
  • No weekly check-ins or fees.
  • Extensive knowledge of jail and court requirements.
  • Quotes via text message
  • Complete transparency! You receive a copy of all contracts you sign.

If you or your loved one are in jail, we know that it can be quite a trying moment, Instead of losing your calm, sit back and let us handle this situation. We will take you through the whole process to get them out of jail quickly.

We have expanded our bail bonds services to Novi, Pontiac, Ferndale, Farmington Hills and all of Oakland County.

Talk to the Experts

When you contact us, you will be talking to knowledgeable experts who will have all the answers at their fingertips.

Whether it is day or night, give us a call and you will get professional assistance from our experienced staff.

We have been rated among the best bail bond agencies in Michigan, thanks to our exceptional customer service and support.

We are The Best

If you are in any city in Oakland county and want a reputable bail bonds agency, give us a call today. You should not gamble with your freedom as it could end up costing you dearly. We are fully aware that each case is different and this is why we have experts in different types of bonds. Our objective is to reduce your stress levels and ensure that you get the much deserved freedom. We are well versed with the court processes and as such, we will take the shortest time possible to finish up the process.

Our services stretch far and wide and we are sure of how to go about things and as such, there will be no second-guessing. From the moment you contact us, you will be as good as free, as we will do everything in the shortest time possible. While we are able to offer top-notch services, our prices are unbeatable and we have all our agents strategically placed. This is why our response time is less than half an hour. If you are in need of a bail bondsman, then look no further, we are right here and you will not regret giving us a call. We are here waiting to serve your needs, professionally.

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